Covid-19 Mykonos - Update


Dear guests and partners,
Welcome to Little Venice Suites.

Due to the difficult international situation caused by the rapid spread of COVID-19 around the world since the beginning of 2020, we are called upon to address an unprecedented global health and financial crisis with caution, levelheadedness, responsibility and solidarity.

With due regard to the decisions of the Greek Government, our hotel fully complies with the new regulations designated by the competent authorities, and faithfully implements the instructions and hygiene protocols of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Public Health Organization (NPHO), always in consultation and cooperation with the local health authorities.



Safeguarding the health of our guests, staff and partners has always been our top priority. We closely monitor developments regarding the pandemic and we implement strict hygiene and sanitation measures in order to maintain a safe and clean environment.

More specifically:

  • We are placing antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizers, cream soaps, thermometers, facial masks, single use gloves and surface cleaning products in every area of the hotel.
  • The frequency of cleaning and disinfecting public spaces has been increased to prevent any COVID-19 contamination, with particular attention to often touched objects and surfaces, such as knobs, handles, elevator buttons, bannisters.
  • Prior to every check-in and following every check-out, rooms are to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with certified products, with particular attention to often touched objects, such as bedding, furniture etc.
  • We introduce daily temperature checks of all employees to ensure a healthy work environment.
  • We ensure the ongoing, special training of our personnel regarding the latest developments on the pandemic, in order to provide valid information and updates to our guests for sanitation and hygiene protocols.

Moreover, Little Venice Suites has private entrances and private balconies for the suites, while each suite occupies a whole floor, thus ensuring privacy and avoidance of contact with other guests. Our hotel uses natural ventilation, which is particularly effective during the summer season and eliminates any possibility of COVID-19 infection as opposed to A/C units that favor the airborne transmission of the virus.



Greece is among the countries that have swiftly imposed stringent yet effective measures against the spread of COVID-19, managing to significantly limit dissemination of the virus. The decisions of the Greek Government for the management of the pandemic have won the praise of international press, which is why Greece is rightfully considered as one of the safest travel destinations this summer following the lifting of travel restrictions.

A pillar of the Greek tourism industry, Mykonos meets all the safety requirements and is ready to welcome the first tourists. So, why is this island considered ideal for vacations amidst coronavirus crisis?

  • The island has a Public Health Center and three private clinics that can meet any medical care needs in case of COVID-19 outbreaks.
  • Mykonos forms a single island complex with Delos, Rineia and a few islets, with a total area of, and a coastline length of 89km., which means that the island has numerous small and large beaches, organized or untouched, giving you a great number of choices and the chance social distancing.
  • In Mykonos you have the option of renting a private boat, if you want to explore the dreamy beaches of the island, to unwind in secluded beaches accessible only by sea, to travel to Delos or Rineia so that you can enjoy swimming far from every possible risk or crowds.
  • Mykonos was never a mass-tourism destination. On the contrary, it has always been and still remains the Νο.1 Mediterranean destination for exclusive travel and tailor made services.
  • This new setting formed by the coronavirus favors more than ever the selection of a private accommodation or a villa for your stay, where you can enjoy carefree moments of rest and relaxation with your friends or your family, with zero risk of infection.
  • The island is home to many restaurants with outdoor spaces, where you can enjoy your meal or dinner with the required safety.
  • Mykonos is famous for its hip beach bars and their all-day party vibe. All venues are open-air, so you can have fun while keeping the necessary distance.
  • Greece has managed to slow down the course of the pandemic quickly compared to other European countries, proving that its people responded effectively to this challenging crisis.

All of the above prove that Mykonos should be your first choice for vacations, as it boasts a great infrastructure, as well as high standards of facilities and services, which minimize the infection risk from COVID-19.


It is our hope that this unprecedented situation we are experiencing will soon be over, so that we can welcome you to Mykonos and our hotel as cordially and friendly as always.

Till we meet again!

For further questions regarding your booking or the latest developments on the COVID-19 pandemic in Greece, please call +30 2289022812 or send your request to